Woodlands Flower Fairy Creative Nail Photoshoot

Woodlands Flower Fairy Creative Nail Photoshoot published in PHOTOSHOOT Magazine

When the amazing Amanda Hawtree-Taft says… let’s get together for a ‘Woodlands Flower Fairy Creative Nail Photoshoot’… well of course I said YES!

As soon as we agreed the rough outline for the photoshoot, it was time to start planning.  Our Pinterest board soon fills up with our minds going into overtime, with ideas for makeup, hair, costume design and prop making ideas.


Location all depends on what you are looking for and the concept of the shoot. You can read more information on my post Photoshoot Locations.

This shoot would of looked great outdoors in the middle of the woods but you have to take into account that this was a ‘creative Nail photoshoot and Amanda needed to get the nails ready under dust free conditions and we cannot control the weather. So we therefore opted for a professional studio with space and more importantly studio lighting.  The studio we used took place at the Natural Light Studio in Weedon, using the infinity space area.  This is such a great studio to work at with oodles of space, which was great as Amanda had bags and bags of garden shrubbery form hers and next doors I bet!  Trish (owner) is great helping to set up what you need. He is also on hand to give advice if you tell him what you want to achieve.

Set 1

Flower display Infinity area

For the first set, Amanda and I dressed it the floor with white fur for Mair, our model.  We thought it would be nice for her to lay on something soft rather than a hard floor (see how thoughtful we are).  We placed the vast array of shrubbery around Mair’s head and upper body… much to her amusement. 

To add contrast the odd rose and butterfly was placed to complete the look.


Using a beauty dish for the lighting, pointing straight down onto the model, as we only concentrated on her face, hands and upper body. This worked really well, with the only challenge being that for some of the shots, I had to stand at the top of a stepladder to get the angle I needed. That was interesting, given that I am not great with heights! Anyway, I managed not to wobble or fall off and got the shots I wanted. The camera settings used were: ISO 125, f11, 1/160 and 85mm.

Set 2


For the second set, we concentrated on the look itself, so I used Tri reflectors and a large beauty dish for some portraiture-type shots. Trish, the owner of the studio, helped out with the lighting tests. The camera settings I used were: ISO 100, f11, 1/160m and 85mm lens.





Editing the images took some thought, as I knew what I wanted in my mind’s eye but needed to work out how to achieve it.  Using Adobe Lightroom to organise my workflow is a must and to copy and paste styles and edits (great feature). I then moved the images to Photoshop to tweak them and finally used some of the Exposure pre-sets, until I achieved the look I was aiming for.

I am really pleased with how the images turned out, as I wanted to maintain as much of the natural look as possible whilst capturing the essence of fairy magic.



Model:  Mair Jones

Nail Artist:  Amanda Hawtree-Taft

Woodlands Flower Fairy Creative Nail Photoshoot published in PHOTOSHOOT Magazine
Woodlands Flower Fairy Photoshoot published in PHOTOSHOOT Magazine


Woodlands Flower Fairy Creative Nail Photoshoot published in PHOTOSHOOT Magazine
Woodlands Flower Fairy Photoshoot published in PHOTOSHOOT Magazine


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