Antoinette – A Vintage Nail Art Photo Shoot

I was so proud to be part of the winning team for the UK Beauty Photographic Nail Art Competition 2017 ...

Another nail art photoshoot was planned with the amazingly talented Amanda Hawtree-Taft and what a fantastic time we all had.  Planning the shoot took a long time, so to actually doing it was great. 

Amanda started on the nails and placed her acrylic handmade flowers (how amazing are these!) on her model and daughter Mair.


Makeup artist, Aisha Simone, arrived a little later on and started on the makeup.  Aisha used various tones to match the tones of the flowers and props being used. Makeup for photoshoots has to be applied a lot heavier than everyday use, due to being lost in the studio lights.

Vintage Nail Art Photo Shoot


Once makeup completed, a joint effort was needed to get the huge (and very heavy!) Marie Antoinette style wig in place and to stay still.  Once finally in place (this took ages), we started dressing it with a range of items.  There were flowers, lace, pearls and all sorts of bits and piece going on… oh and not forgetting the odd bird. It was almost like dressing a small Christmas tree 🙂

Vintage Nail Art Photo Shoot

With nail photoshoots the preparation is vital.  Each element has to be perfect due to the images focusing on the nails and face/upper body area.   Then it is my job to make sure lighting and camera settings capture the rest.  Shadows and angles play a huge part also. It can be a challenge to capture the model in the perfect post telling the story but to capture the technical work of the nail design.

Behind-the Scenes Video

Final Edits

Vintage Nail Art Photo Shoot
Vintage Nail Art Photo Shoot
Vintage Nail Art Photo Shoot
Vintage Nail Art Photo Shoot

We Won!

We were so proud to win the title of UK Beauty Photographic Nail Art Competition 2017, with an image taken from our creative vintage nail art photoshoot (below). Well done team… and here’s to many more 🙂

Vintage Nail Art Photo Shoot - UK Beauty Photographic Nail Art Competition Winner 2017


Photography and Set: Jane Kelly

Nail Artist and Set: Amanda Hawtree-Taft

Makeup Artist: Aisha Simone (credit)

Model: Mair Jones

Videographer: Mike Hardley – Creativus Imago

Further Photo Shoots

If you enjoyed reading about our Vintage nail art photoshoot, here is our Woodlands Flower Fairy for you to enjoy.

Woodlands Flower Fairy Creative Nail Photoshoot published in PHOTOSHOOT Magazine

Woodlands Flower Fairy Nail Art Photo Shoot
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