PHOTOSHOOT Magazine design Issue 25

Magazine design with Adobe InDesign

I love graphic design, as you’re probably getting by now… well that’s assuming you’ve read my other posts of course!  My true love is magazine design… which is handy, being that I am the editor in chief of PHOTOSHOOT Magazine, a creative behind-the-scenes trade magazine.

I use Adobe InDesign for all my magazine designs, which I learnt when I worked at Maybe Magazine.  I find it such a fantastic tool and use it for all my graphic design work.

Below you will find some samples from my design work from PHOTOSHOOT Magazine 25.

Front Cover Issue 25 – Magazine Design

The cover was by photography Peter Barnett with model Emilia. This was an easy image to choose as the team love a bit of avant-garde. The complimentary colours used were black, silver and white for the design, which I thought really made the front cover pop.


Photography Mike Hardley and his model Charlotte, did an ‘Emma Watson’ inspired shoot who Charlotte looks uncannily like. This design was clean and simple to use the main image across the double page.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. The next issue being designed is our Vintage special. You can view the current issue free, all that you need to is subscribe to the newsletter (free) here.


Vintage Office Pine Desk

This week in the studio, we have been working on up-cycling this fabulous, solid pine, vintage office desk. After ‘Planning and Prep‘(click

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