Mirror Mirror on the Wall.. who is the best upcycled of them all

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Mirror makeover chalkpaint

I love mirrors and frames (I have far too many), in any shape of size.  The best feeling ever is to buy a cheap, unwanted and ugly frame and turn it into a creative masterpiece.

As part of my range of up-cycling workshops I used to prepare different frames to demonstrate different painting and aging techniques.

Autentico Nautique – Mirror Makeover

This was an old, gold, plastic, ornate picture frame that just needed to come home with me from a local ‘Vide Grenier’ (loft clearance sale).

Autentico Nautique Vintage Chalk Paint Ornate Gold Mirror Makeover

I painted the outer rim with Autentico Nautique, a lovely blue – can read about more projects using Nautique here

Autentico Nautique Vintage Chalk Paint Ornate Gold Mirror Makeover

The picture would not come off, so I painted that as well, although I feel that eventually, this picture frame is destined to become a chalk board.

I then painted the inner border with Autentico Antique White. Once dry, I used a ‘dry brushing’ technique (a minimal amount of paint on the brush) and brushed some Antique White into the detail and various places around the frame. I sanded in places to bring back some of the gold.

Autentico Nautique Vintage Chalk Paint Ornate Gold Mirror Makeover

Autentico Nautique Vintage Chalk Paint Ornate Gold Mirror Makeover

I then applied a lot of Autentico Anthracite Wax and really pushed the brush in the frame to ensure getting into all the little grooves. I used a kitchen paper towel with a little clear wax to rub off the dark wax and bring some of the white detail back.

Autentico Nautique Vintage Chalk Paint Ornate Gold Mirror Makeover

I love it and I think it would have looked good in any colour, to be honest.

Autentico Nautique Vintage Chalk Paint Ornate Gold Mirror Makeover

Bright Turquoise

I saw this cute little mirror and how beautiful it was with its ornate swirls.

 I used a variety of techniques on this little gem. First I painted with one coat of Autentico Bright Turquoise and then dabbed on some Autentico Glaze, mixed with a little black acrylic in places, to highlight some of the detail. I also dabbed on some Antique White in various places to highlight the detail and thUPCYCLED ORNATE AUTENTICO BRIGHT TURQUOISE MIRROR

I was so pleased how this cute little mirror came out and will definitely replicate the technique with some larger mirrors and ornate frames. The colours make the mirror look like aged metal and gives it a sense of being a rustic, gothic, antique look.


Antique Rose

I was itching to find something to try out this stunning new colour on and found the perfect example. I used Autentico Antique Rose, along with the Autentico Craquelure system, which created tiny crackles, like fine porcelain. I then enhanced it with Autentico Anthracite Wax, which feels the tiny cracks to enhance them.


This mirror has been left with a before-and-after look for both the paint, Craquelure and wax application. Once again, I love this look. It has a romantic fairy tale look and I would say fit it is for Cinderella’s dressing room.

Bathroom Mirror Makeover

This mirror is in my bathroom and many people have commented on how effective looks. It took minutes and I used the dry-paint method using, Antique White, a bit of Autentico Gris followed by Autentico Swedish Blue Wax in places. I left some of the gold detail and it really does look fantastic in my grey and white bathroom.


Vintage White

This is an epic mirror which demanded attention. All my workshop attendees love the shabby look of it and many want to replicate this for their own projects.

This piece was painted with a homemade off-white chalk paint and sanded in places. Most of this effect has been created with Autentico Anthracite Wax, to enhance and make the amazing detail stand out.

There are many more mirrors and frames that I have worked on but these are my favourites so far. So, which do you think is the best upcycled of them all?

If you are interested in attending one of my ‘Upcycle (old and new) picture frames and mirrors’ see more details here

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