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Magazine design with Adobe InDesign

I love design, as you’re probably getting by now… well that is assuming you have read some of my other posts of course!  I especially love designing magazines… handy, as I’m the editor of PHOTOSHOOT Magazine a creative behind-the-scenes trade magazine.

I use Adobe InDesign for all my magazine designs, which I learnt when I worked at Maybe Magazine.  I find it such a fantastic tool and use it for all my graphic design work.

Below you will find some samples from my design work from PHOTOSHOOT Magazine 24.

BLACK SWAN – Double Page Spread/Article – Landscape Images

This is a A Your Shoot article profiling a photo-shoot over two double page spreads, using a landscape image across the first double spread.  The space on the right is used to display text, which is a perfect example editorial image.  The colour scheme remained black and white throughout to enhance the imagery with white borders.


STRONG – Double Page Article Design – Portrait Images

This was a Your Shoot article profiling a photo-shoot over x2 double page spreads.  I used the pink from one of the image backgrounds and used the colour for text boxes throughout the article.  Using a white border and a Drop Shadow added interest.  All the images were portrait, so the article was designed with a perfect bound in mind for printing purposes.



THE CHALLENGE – Double Page – Vast Content

This article was certainly a challenge for me to design, due to the amount of imagery and team involved in the shoot.  You have to balance the article with images from each photographer but featuring each model and then working with the amount of text needed.  This article ended up with x4 double page spreads but I think worked really well with. Here are the first and last of the articles in that shoot.


ZARA – Double Page spread using mixture of portrait and landscape images

This happens to be my own photo-shoot which was great fun and you read more about it here.  In regards to the design aspect I bought in a flower background to add some texture and enhance the topic of fairy and woodland.  The image will work on the second page, although when printed some will be hidden in the perfect bound. Sometimes, I have to edit some of the article to suit the printed version.


BEHIND THE MASK – Double Page magazine design with interview

The article was from a photo-shoot with one of my clients, which you can read about here.  This design was quite complex due to a lot of material to use such as my  own write up as the photographer, some behind-the-scenes shots followed by an interview with images.   The colour tone was mainly black and white with a dash of a gold bronze in the titles. The interview section worked really well as the images were monotone.

Magazine design using Adobe InDesign Double page spread   Magazine design using Adobe InDesign Double page spread

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. The next issue being designed is a Halloween special. You can view the current issue free, all that you need to is subscriber to the newsletter (free) here.



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