Creative Portraiture Photoshoot with Sculptress

Creative portraiture photo-shoot with Sculptress Hayley-Jay Daniels

Sculptress, Hayley-Jay, commissioned me for portraiture and creative images for her website.  She also needed a range of images for social media, marketing and to send to galleries… and of course have some fun!

Set 1

We started with the dark grey background for the portraiture, which worked well against Hayley’s auburn hair.  As our main light we used a PixaPro Lumi 400 strobe fitted with an 18-inch beauty dish and grid, mounted high and slightly to the right.    This gave a targeted light to Hayley and worked well, as all of the shots were upper body.  As a secondary light we used a PixaPro Lumi 400 fitted with a gridded snoot.

Creative portraiture photo-shoot Hayley-Jay Daniels Creative portraiture photo-shoot Hayley-Jay Daniels

Creative portraiture photo-shoot Hayley-Jay Daniels

Set 2 – Marlene Dietrich Inspired

We were also aiming for a range of ‘Marlene Dietrich’ inspired images. I created a mood board to have with me for poses and lighting ideas.

Creative portraiture photo-shoot Hayley-Jay Daniels Marlene Dietrich Mood Board

Creative portraiture photo-shoot Hayley-Jay Daniels  Creative portraiture photo-shoot Hayley-Jay Daniels

Set 3

The next set was against an old rustic wall in our studio.

Creative portraiture photo-shoot Hayley-Jay Daniels Creative portraiture photo-shoot Hayley-Jay Daniels

Set 4 – Behind the Mask

Hayley-Jay had made an incrediable mask of your own face.  We began this set by trying out different angles of the mask and trying to match to Hayley-Jay’s face, We worked on lots of varied angles of the masks with some of the images using depth of field to make the mask the focal point and the background blurred.

Hayley-Jay was also interviewed by PHOTOSHOOT Magazine, who ran a feature from the photo-shoot which can be seen below.Hayley-Jay Daniels PHOTOSHOOT Magazine Issue 24 article - Portraiture photographyHayley-Jay Daniels PHOTOSHOOT Magazine Issue 24 article - Portraiture photography

I worked with Jane earlier this year. She had been recommended to me by another satisfied customer, one whom I knew to have very high standards. I was not disappointed in the least. Jane understood very quickly the needs and aims of my brief and fully incorporated them into the challenge, as well as bringing her own creativity and flair to the work. The photo-shoot was excellent, well constructed and thought out, and completely professional, and the images she took surpassed my expectations. I am a thoroughly satisfied customer.  Hayley-Jay Daniels

Creative photo-shoot and portrait photography



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