Diary of an Editor

My stories, challenges and what I get up as editor-in-chief …

my story

Why I Self-Published a Magazine...

If you had told me seven years ago, whilst in my corporate management job, that I would publish my own photography magazine and become a professional photographer, I would of laughed… a lot! So, how did this all actually happen…  

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First Issue

PHOTOSHOOT Magazine Issue One

On 24th November 2013, the first digital issue of PHOTOSHOOT Magazine was uploaded to our publisher …

Article Design

Magazine Design Tips and Techniques

Some article layouts work better than others. Most of the time the content will dictate which layout to use …

Tools and Systems

What I use to help run my magazine and business

With so many tools and systems available to choose from, it’s hard to know which to use.  Here are some of my tried and tested favs …  

Issue 1

My Mag

PHOTOSHOOT Front Cover Designs

I love each and every one of my magazine covers and design them myself. Click on the cover to read about the design process...

Issue 27
Black and White Special
Black & White Themed
GBTS 2019
Issue 26
Vintage Themed
Issue 25
Halloween Themed
Photography Show 2019