Abandoned – Avant-Garde Photoshoot with Hat Designer – House of Charles

Abandoned is one of my favourite photoshoots with such a great team effort. I love styling my own sets and making basic materials look amazing.

Janice from ‘House of Charles’ designed some incredible hats for us to use for the shoot. Mandy was our makeup artist and Jan and I built the set at Mike’s studio.

I wanted an avant-garde look on a white set, so we used the window set dressed with Ivy (sprayed white). We wrapped the Ivy around Donna’s arms and white dress, found a white sheet and added Janice’s hat.

These are some of my favourite images from the shoot …


I worked with a variety of four different PixaPro lights with softboxes to soften and light the background. They were turned on and off to create different shots. There were also two further lights placed on each side at the front, to give a really high key white.

Wedding Designs

Following the window set, we then moved over the wood panel set in the studio. Donna changed into a lace dress for a wedding feel and we played around with some more of Janice’s amazing designs.

Equipment used: Nikon D610, ISO 125, 24-85mm Nikon Lens,1/160

Enjoy our behind-the-scenes video

PHOTOSHOOT Magazine – Issue 7

Here is Donna on the front cover of Issue 7, along with some of the articles and interviews from the team involved.


Photographer: Jane Kelly | Makeup Artist:  Mandy Elizabeth | Model:  Donna Scott | Studio:  Creativus Imago Photography Studio | Styling:  Jan Davidson & Jane Kelly | Hat:  House of Charles

  • office@janekellydesigns.com



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